Certified in the Governance of AI Systems (CGAIS)

Certified in the Governance of AI Systems

Governing body decisions regarding AI

The Certified in the Governance of AI Systems (CGAIS) certification is designed for individuals who are responsible for governing the use of AI systems using moral leadership to create an ethical culture, sustain performance, and create value through the accomplishment of organizational goals. This certification ensures that the holder has an appropriate understanding and can effectively establish control over AI resources and minimize risks to the organization’s legitimacy and reputation.

While the CGAIS certification’s central focus is the governance of AI systems, it will be of value to anyone with responsibility for the governance of personal data. This certification promotes best practices and provides executive management with assurance that those with the designation CGAIS are knowledgeable about the regulatory requirements for using AI systems and can govern AI systems, and knowledgeable about the requirements for the lawful processing and protection of personal data.

The development of the CGAIS exam is overseen by a development team that ensures the relevance and currency of its content. Questions for the CGAIS exam are developed through a comprehensive research process designed to ensure the ultimate quality of the exam. International regulations for AI and data protection certification criteria are the basis for the content.

Job practice statements serve as the basis for the exam and are the knowledge and skill requirements to earn the CGAIS certification. The domains and the accompanying tasks and knowledge statements were the result of extensive research and feedback from subject matter experts. The tasks and knowledge statements describe the tasks performed by CGAIS and the knowledge required to perform them. By obtaining CGAIS certification, individuals can demonstrate their expertise in AI governance and risk management, and compliance, and take their careers to the next level.

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