AI Governance Mechanisms

AI Governance Mechanisms

AI governance mechanisms

What are AI Governance Mechanisms?

AI governance mechanisms are the enablers a governing body can implement to:

  • direct the artificial intelligence system ethically and effectively,
  • demonstrate commitment to the internal control system and assurance processes,
  • behave in a manner consistent with the defined organisational value,
  • follow the expectations as set, and
  • ensure such leadership throughout the artificial intelligence system's life cycle.

The governing body is required to articulate:

  • the organisation’s purpose and vision,
  • drive, guide and inspire management and staff. 

It directs organisational strategies and operations intending to achieve:

  • sustainable,
  • technical,
  • safe,
  • economic,
  • social and
  • environmental performance.

AI governance requires ethical leadership from the governing body based on:

  • integrity
  • competence
  • responsibility
  • accountability
  • fairness and
  • transparency. 

The governing body should discharge the moral duties of conscience, commitment, courage and inclusivity of all stakeholders.


Governance mechanisms to achieve the AI system's intended purpose 


  • Stakeholder needs
  • Performance expectations
  • Compliance obligations


  • Proposals, plans
  • Strategy, goals, objectives, intended purposes
  • Capability


  • Accountability
  • Value creation
  • Transparency and reporting.

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