Internal controls for AI systems

  • Teacher: Data Protection Schemes
  • Level: Intermediate

Internal controls for AI systems

Existing internal control measures need to be complemented with AI-specific practices that address the data integrity risks in the artificial intelligence data life cycle. Countering risks that arise when using artificial intelligence systems requires planning, preparation, validation, processing, output, distribution, and decommissioning controls. 

Internal controls are required throughout the life cycle of an artificial intelligence system. They are influenced by multiple factors, including societal, commercial, organisational, and technical considerations, each of which can vary or at times be combined with other stages during the life of a system. This course will provide an understanding of the internal controls needed for data in AI systems.


This Internal controls for AI systems course will address:

  • data life cycle
  • system development life cycle
  • system deployment
  • system operation and control
  • data availability, reuse, acquisition, collection, transformation, authored or curated, validation
  • data types and volume
  • source of the data and provenance
  • data processing, synthesized and generated data
  • data outputs and distribution
  • format of the data
  • what the data represent
  • data properties and choice of algorithm for model development
  • data licensing requirements
  • data security
  • data protection
  • data availability and system resilience
  • data safety requirements.


Course details

This two-day course ends with a short quiz. This is necessary to confirm knowledge transfer to the attendee.

This in-person classroom course takes place in Dublin, Ireland on the advertised dates.

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Cancellation by the participant

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