Data Breach Management Certificate

  • Teacher: Data Protection Schemes
  • Level: Intermediate

Data Breach Management Certificate

Prove your expertise in the management of personal data breaches in accordance with the approved criteria for compliance with the GDPR. The Personal Data Breach Management Certificate program covers key areas of responsibility that data controllers must fulfil when responding to a personal data breach.


The Personal Data Breach Management certification exam covers:

  • Effective governance of the personal data breach management process
  • Data breach identification training for controller and processor staff
  • Personal data breach policies
  • Data breach management responsibilities of the controller
  • Data breach handling obligations of the processors
  • Planning and preparing personal data breach responses
  • Personal data breach prevention measures
  • Personal data breach detection measures
  • Personal data breach management records
  • Personal data breach risk assessment
  • Personal data breach classification
  • Processor personal data breach reporting
  • Responding to a personal data breach
  • Escalation of a personal data breach
  • Controller personal data breach reporting
  • Mitigating the possible consequences of a personal data breach
  • Recovering from a personal data breach
  • Notifying the DPC of a personal data breach
  • Notifying data subjects of a personal data breach
  • Working with law personnel enforcement
  • Remediation of a personal data breach
  • Cross-border personal data breach reporting
  • Personal data breach responses by non-EU establishments.


Certification details

The certification exam comprises 100 questions that must be completed within two hours.

Once your registration is paid, the exam can be accessed via the Examination Platform using the credentials provided to you.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All purchases of certification exams are final. No refunds or exchanges will be provided. Prices are subject to change without notice.


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