Governance of AI Certificate

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  • Level: Intermediate

Governance of AI Certificate

Prove your expertise in the governance of artificial intelligence with this certification program. The Governance of Artificial Intelligence Certificate program covers key areas of responsibility that data controllers must evaluate, direct, and monitor when personal data is processed by an organisation using artificial intelligence systems to achieve the stated purposes, strategic goals, broader stakeholder needs, and expectations.


The Governance of Artificial Intelligence certification exam covers:

  • Governance oversight of AI
    • policies are in place to ensure the appropriate use of AI
    • responsibilities
    • chain of responsibility
    • accountability
    • authority and potential delegation of authority are clearly defined and agreed both within the organization and, where applicable, between different parties in any value chain
    • adequate human oversight is in place while using AI
    • any human using Al or responsible for the use of AI has an appropriate understanding of the AI system being used
  • Governance of decision-making by AI systems
  • Authority and responsibility are delegated to people throughout an organization
  • Decision-making is aligned to the organizational objectives
  • Governance of data used by AI systems
  • Corporate culture and ethical values for AI
  • Governance of compliance obligations when using AI
  • Governance of risk management for AI
    • protection of assets such as data, information systems, application code, algorithms, and equipment
    • duty of care - well being of all stakeholders and the protection of their rights
    • culture and values
    • reputation and trust
    • strategy.


Certification details

The certification exam comprises 100 questions that must be completed within two hours.

Once your registration is paid, the exam can be accessed via the Examination Platform using the credentials provided to you.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All purchases of certification exams are final. No refunds or exchanges will be provided. Prices are subject to change without notice.


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